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Cavity wall insulation

Lower your energy bills & make your home warmer

How Cosy Home Energy Solutions Works

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Cavity wall insulation – the fastest, most cost effective way to warm your home

Cavity Wall Insulation is a quick, hassle-free way of insulating your home and reducing your energy bills. But is it right for you and your home?  Find answers to your questions about an excellent method to save money and generate free energy.

How much money will I save?​

The insulation can dramatically improve your home’s heat retention and create a warmer, more efficient home. The average property will save £150 a year with cavity wall insulation, although obviously this can be variable depending on a number of factors.

What is a cavity wall?

Cavity walls are two walls with a gap in between, called the cavity. The outer wall is often made of brick while the inner wall brick or concrete. Houses built after the 1920s tend to have cavity walls, making them good candidates for cavity wall insulation.

How does cavity wall insulation work

Cavity wall insulation works by filling the cavity space with material such as thermal beads that reduces heat loss by stopping the air moving around inside the cavity wall (air is still the actual insulator). This can substantially reduce your homes heating costs.

Which insulation is best

There are several different insulating materials that can be used, but at Cosy Home Energy we favour superbead polystyrene beads – they’re waterproof, fast to install, and come with a 25-year guarantee. What More can you wish for.

What's the process & timescales

To insulate your home, our team drill a series of small holes into the outside wall of your property. Superbeads are blown in between the gaps in your walls. The holes are then filled to ensure your home is water-tight. The process is quick and easy, usually completed in one day.

How long does it last?

All Cosy Home Energy, Cavity wall installs come with a 25-year guarantee.

How much does cavity wall insulation cost?

Work conducted under the ECO or ECO Flex schemes come at zero cost to the customer. The price of any work conducted outside these schemes is dependent on the size of the property and location, among other factors. Get a real-time quote below.

A little more about superbead

We use energystore superbead. Energystore are the largest manufacturer of cavity wall bead in the UK, using products and techniques honed over more than 40 years of work. Their products and techniques are approved by multiple accreditation bodies.

Why we choose superbead​

  • Superbead has a low thermal conductivity, making it one of the best performing blown insulation products on the market.
  • Superbead is a closed cell technology which means it does’t absorb moisture enabling it to be installed into cavities as narrow as 40mm.
  • Superbead is installed at 8 bar pressure with 40% less injection holes than other products, allowing trained installers to complete their work more quickly.
  • Superbead is one of the most cost effective solutions available, delivering cost savings of up to 50% versus alternatives.
  • All materials required for the install are brought to site in specially designed vehicles. The exact amount of material required is injected into the cavity meaning no material goes to landfill.