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Energy Efficient Wall Coating

ProPERLA wall coating from Cosy Home Energy is a range of exterior waterproof paints & coatings designed to reduce energy costs and protect homes.

Moisture in building materials is a key driver to energy loss. Wet materials transfer heat much quicker than dry materials. Tests have shown that a damp content of 5% in a plain brick wall can lower the insulation performance by up to 50%. By keeping walls and roofs dry, ProPERLA waterproof paints & coatings help to improve thermal efficiency.



Water cannot stick to the coated surface but forms droplets that run off the surface.


Water and moisture are able to escape the masonry due to the high breathability rating of the products.


Masonry remains clean and attractive as dirt is unable to take hold.

Insulation Barrier

Reduces water absorption by more than 93%. Dry walls mean less heat loss.

Cold House, we’ve got that covered

A Cosy Home Energy  Solutions we install energy-efficient wall coating or façade coating that can protect the walls of your building for many years.

Is your home or workplace cold? do you see signs of damp, penetrating the walls or climbing the walls then perhaps its time to book a free energy efficient wall coatings survey from Cosy Home Energy  Solutions


Why use Energy Efficient Wall Coating

  • ProPERLA® MasonryCremeis designed to insulate bricks and porous building materials. The product chemically bonds to the surface can penetrate up to 17 mm and will create an invisible insulation barrier.


  • ProPERLA® Masonry Creme is technologically advanced and comes with a 20 year lifetime guarantee.


  • ProPERLA® Masonry Creme is based on the latest nanotechnology that reacts with mineral groups and actively bonds to mineral surfaces such as concrete, brick and protect against rain, dirt, algae, pollution, oil and others.


For application always ensure you engage a ProPERLA approved application technician such as Cosy Home Energy  Solutions to ensure your warranty is activated.<br>

The approved application technician will apply directly on surfaces less than one year old. Older surfaces must first be cleaned thoroughly with a pressure washer before treatment. Surfaces with strong discoloration, algae or moss growth (as well as heavily soiled surfaces) should be treated with ProPERLA® CLEANER and finally rinsed with water before treatment.

Proven Performance From ProPERLA

proPERLA Masonry Creme is the ultimate invisible barrier for your homes bricks, masonry and porous materials the key benefits are:

  • An efficient external wall Insulation (EWI) solution
  • Protection your home from moss, algae and micro-flora
  • Improved thermal / insulation efficiency
  • A boost to existing cavity wall insulation
  • Self-cleaning surface
  • Slows façade aging
  • Building breathability